The league’s gambling policy is rigid, and it may bear consequences for these players.

An arm wrestling competition in Las Vegas featuring NFL players sounds like a lot of fun. However, the players who are participating in it may face discipline from the league for violating its gambling policy, according to USA Today’s Jarrett Bell.

Form your own opinions, folks, but I daresay it’s time for STEPH SHOE ROAST 2K17.

First off, they’re called “Oxblood Leather.” That is the name of a loafer, not a sneaker. Second, they’re not just called that — they are leather. They’re going to have to install shoe shine stations courtside at Oracle Arena.

“They’re perfect for when you’re at your kid’s dance recital, but also planning to sneak out to shoot some hoops at the school gym,” SB Nationer Mark Hinog said.

Also, they’re nice for when you’re going to church, but have to Cheap NFL Jerseys head straight to the court afterward. Ball is life.

Several big names are doomed to regress in 2017. As long as Allen Robinson is attached to Blake Bortles, he is no more than a borderline WR2/3. Randall Cobb dropped all the Nike NFL Jerseys From China way down to No. 43 for me after his dismal 2016 season. Perhaps he bounces back, but right now I think he is more of a FLEX in non-PPR leagues. I found Odell Beckham Jr. the most difficult to rank. The addition of Brandon Marshall creates a fog of uncertainty around the Giant’s receiver situation. I’ve dropped OBJ to No. 7, expecting a slight decrease in production, but still a legit WR1.

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